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Kyuhyun: Mamacita MV

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most awaited KDRAMA of all


most awaited KDRAMA of all

Sooooo I’m gonna be honest and say the song isn’t doing much for me. I was extremely hesitant when I heard the song described as new jack swing because I hate new jack swing lol. Never been a fan. But the chorus is catchy and I’m loving Kyu’s lines!¬†

The MV is SJ, 100 percent. I love it. It’s incredibly entertaining and funny. And they look hot. What more can we ELF ask for?

It’s so good to see the 83-line again. It’s clear how integral Leeteuk and Heechul are to the group. Without them, the MV would’ve been alright, but the 83-liners are the ones stealing the show (along with Kangin crying over the watermelon — and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t care much for Kangin haha).

The choreo (minus the head hitting) is pretty damn good, too. I’m looking forward to seeing this performed on music shows soon!

Worst things: Sungmin’s hair. Siwon’s face looks off and I can’t tell why.

Best things: anything and everything Kyuhyun. Mother Gamer approves. Bartender Heechul in a pinstriped vest. The Kangin watermelon saga. Leeteuk’s parts during the bridge — he’s looking better than ever! THE MV HAS A PLOT THANK YOU BB SHISUS

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Super Junior Talk

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